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Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Releases Independent Evaluation of Family Literacy Programs

Tallahassee, Fla. – In honor of National Family Literacy Day, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is releasing an independent evaluation of its family literacy programs. Findings on these two-generation programs indicate positive impacts on educational outcomes for both parents and children, as well as unanticipated increases in parenting skills. The Barbara Bush Foundation’s […]

XPRIZE competition spurs developers to build adult literacy apps

Richard W. Walker | ed scoop – While the deadline for completing the projects is still about six months away (March 2017), some of the competing teams are “really doing incredibly innovative stuff,” based on status reports recently submitted by the teams, said Shlomy Kattan, senior director of the $7 million Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE. The Dollar General Literacy Foundation supports the contest. […]

From struggles with dyslexia to selling a home to the Bushes

Shelly Slater | WFAA | Dallas, TX – Allie Beth Allman. You probably recognize the name. Her name is on signs all over North Texas, but what you don’t know is her personal secret. It’s one that has her teaming up with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Literacy. […]

Former Michigan Governor John Engler Joins Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Board of Directors

Press Release | Tallahassee, FL – Governor John Engler, president of Business Roundtable and former three-term governor of Michigan, is joining the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy board of directors. Engler is renowned for his educational leadership, making him a valuable addition to the board of the Foundation, which is best known for its two-generation efforts to provide education to both children and adults. […]

Parenting is Educating

U.S. News & World Report | Doro Bush Koch and Liza McFadden – As millions of children headed back to school earlier this month, educators across the nation prepared their classrooms and lesson plans with high hopes for a successful academic year. While the learning that takes place within those classroom walls is undeniably important, we must remember that it does not represent the entirety of a child’s educational experience. This week, as we celebrate National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, we must focus on a critical, and often overlooked, component of K-12 student success: parents. […]

Fortin Foundation gives $150K to Barbara Bush foundation for literacy

John Nelander | Palm Beach Daily News | Palm Beach, FL – Getting kids to start reading early is one of the keys to solving the adult literacy puzzle. The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy will be focusing on that approach with the help of a new $150,000 gift from the Mary Alice Fortin Foundation of Palm Beach. […]

Former First Lady Barbara Bush (with Author Brad Meltzer in Drag) Makes Story Time for the Kiddies Pretty Insane

Sandra Sobieraj | People – This is not that story time. As part of September’s National Literacy Month activities, which culminate in next week’s National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, Bush, 91, teamed up with Brad Meltzer, the best-selling author of adult thrillers, to videotape her dramatic reading of one of his offerings for children: I am Lucille Ball. The pair, who have worked together for more than […]

Literacy program operating at schools in Lewiston, Mexico

Sun Journal | Connections | Maine – During the 2015-16 academic year, the Foundation operated 15 Teen Trendsetters programs that engaged nearly 300 pairs of teens (mentors) and elementary school students (mentees). Dr. Craig A. Mason, professor of Education and Applied Quantitative Methods from the University of Maine, recently conducted an independent evaluation of these programs, including a comparison study revealing that participating elementary school students showed […]

Barbara Bush Foundation’s Intensive Reading Programs Yield Impressive Results

Press Release | Maine – A public charity, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy is marking this September as its 20th year of supporting and operating literacy programs in Maine. As part of a month-long focus on Maine, the Foundation is releasing an independent evaluation of its intensive reading program, Teen Trendsetters™ reading mentors, along with a compendium detailing the $6 million invested to […]

Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy Partners with Talk With Me Baby to Expand “Language Nutrition” Resources Nationwide

PR Newswire | Tallahassee, FL – The Foundation’s new partnership with Talk With Me Baby will help the initiative expand its training and resources—which thus far have been deployed only in Georgia—nationwide. A newly developed online toolkit, which includes a training curriculum to equip nurses and other care providers across the country to serve as Language Nutrition coaches in their own communities, will be among four initiatives highlighted at today’s White House Summit on Behavioral Science Insights in Washington, D.C. […]

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